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To-Do List, a magazine of meaningful minutiae, was voted by the readers of Utne Reader as the Best New Magazine of 2000. The magazine has received national attention on FoxNews.com, in the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, butseriously.com, and BAY-TV.

Advertisers in To-Do List reach an audience of young men and women, generally between the ages of 18 and 40. Most readers are urban and well-educated, and have disposable income for books, music, movies, and other products.

Our premiere issue sold out at many bookstores within weeks of hitting the shelve and our distribution is growing. To-Do List is carried in more than 500 bookstores and record stores in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., including Tower Records (U.S. and international), City Lights Bookstore (San Francisco, CA), Reading Frenzy (Portland, OR), and See Hear Fanzines and Magazines (New York, NY).

Past and current advertisers in To-Do List include Condomania, Good Vibrations, Verso Books, Planned Parenthood, and Utne Reader.

The upcoming issue of To-Do List will have a print run of at least 3,000. With a pass-along rate of 3.5, our readership is estimated at 13,500 and growing. To-Do List is published twice a year.

Ad Rates

Standard Pages
Size Dimensions Rate
1/8 page 3.75" x 2.5" $90
1/4 page 3.75" x 5" $150
1/2 page (horiz.) 7.75 x 5.25" $300
1/2 page (vert.) 3.75 x 10.5" $300
full page 7.75" x 10.5" $600

Premium Pages
Size Dimensions Rate
Inside front cover 7.75" x 10.5" $800
Inside back cover 7.75" x 10.5" $800
Outside back cover 7.75" x 10.5" $1,000

Please send your ad as camera-ready artwork or electronic files (Mac format, Quark or Illustrator, fonts and images included, on zip disk or CD). Include a hard copy for proofing purposes. All ads are printed in 1-color.
We also offer design services. If you want us to design your ad, please add 30% to the listed rate; email your copy to [email protected]

Special savings are available for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Please inquire about our 10% discount.
Email us... at [email protected]